How to Install OBB file (Solved)

Here is a step-by-step guide on How to install OBB file on your Android smartphone whether it is rooted or not this method works on all android devices.

First of all you need to have an archive extractor here is an archive extractor ZArchive, Download and install it before we proceed with the other steps.


I am assuming that you have installed the archive extractor app Follow each step carefully.

Step 1:

Open the Zarchive or any archive app you have and after giving all the required permission navigate to the download folder where you have kept your MOD apk and OBB zip file.

how to install OBB file - best apk app


Step 2:

Now you are in the download folder where you have apk installer file and OBB zip file, first click on apk file.


Step 3:

A list of options will appear after clicking at apk file and you should tap on install in order to proceed with the OBB zip file (skip this step if you already have installed apk file).



Step 4:

Now tap on the OBB zip file and you will get multiple options again, this time be careful and select “Extract”.

how to install OBB file - best apk app


Step 5:

Go to the very beginning of the file by clicking at the green arrow multiple times unless you see a folder with the name “Android” and open it.


Step 6:

Now you can see “OBB” and second or third place in “Android” folder, open “OBB” folder.

Step 7:

Tap at the extract icon on bottom right corner (see screenshot)

Step 8:

Extracting of OBB file may take a moment, hold back and wait till the moment, as it will get done you may see a success notification at the bottom of the screen.

Step 9:

Go back to the apk and OBB zip folder and delete all the original files of apk and OBB zip as we don’t need them further, this will also save a bit of your device’s space.


Step 10:

Go to the home screen and find the installed application and run it for further in-app installation and you are done, enjoy!

how to install OBB file - best apk app
how to install OBB file – best apk app




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